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Uzi Parts
Barrel, 10.2 Inch (9mm), NEW (Full Auto Only)  
Barrel Nut, NEW  
Bolt, Stripped (full-auto)  
Buffer, NEW  
Handguard & Pistol Grip Set (Green), NEW  
Rachet Top Cover Assembly (Receiver Cover), NEW  
Rachet Top Cover, Stripped (Receiver Cover), NEW  
Rachet Top Cover-Cocking Slide, NEW  
Rachet Top Cover Slide Plate, NEW  
Recoil Spring Assembly, NEW  
Safety Lever, NEW  
Sling Swivel w/Base (Goes on side of receiver), NEW  
Stock Screw for Folding Stock Above, NEW (Will fit A or B)  
Stock, Mini  
Trigger Pin, NEW  
Trigger Spring, NEW  
Uzi Accessories
Magazine, 25 Rd., 9mm, Used Very Good Condition. (IMI Mfg.)*  
Magazine, 32 Rd. 9mm, NEW*  
*NOTE: Magazine restrictions for the following states:
CA:  We cannot ship magazines over 10 rounds to California.
MD:  We cannot ship magazines over 20 rounds to Maryland.
MA:  Massachusetts residents-must provide a copy of pistol permit or FID card for purchase of magazines over 10 rounds.
NJ:   We cannot ship magazines over 10 rounds to New Jersey.