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M14 Parts
M14 Owner's Manual by Scott Duff  
Rifle Protector Set:  Front Sight, Rear Sight, Empty Chamber Indicator, Op Rod Handle.  Available in white or olive drab.  
Barrel, Chrome Lined, Excel. TRW or SAK  
Barrel, Winchester/SA or H & R  
Bolt, Complete (Assembly Required)  
Bolt & Roller Assembly, Stripped  
Bolt, TRW, NEW -- Limited Quantity  
Bolt Stop  
Bolt Stop Pin  
Bolt Stop Spring  
Butt Plate Assembly, Hinged  
Butt Plate Screw, Lower  
Butt Plate Screw, Upper for Fiberglass  
Butt Plate Screw, Upper for Wood  
Cartridge Clip Guide  
Cartridge Clip Guide Pin  
Connector Assembly  
Connector Lock  
Connector Lock Pin  
Ejector Spring & Plunger  
Extractor Spring & Plunger  
Firing Pin  
Flash Suppressor Nut  
Flash Suppressor Set Screw  
Front Band  
Front Sight  
Front Sight Screw  
Front Sling Swivel w/Screws & Nuts  
Full Auto Replacement Parts Kit**
(Include:  Connector Assembly, Selector, Selector Lock, Selector Shaft, Selector Spring, Selector Pin and Sear Release)
**ALL BATF, Local, State and NFA Rules applies.
Gas Cylinder, Excel. Condition  
Gas Cylinder, NEW (USGI Sealed Cans Available)  
Gas Cylinder Lock  
Gas Cylinder Plug  
Gas Piston -- used  
Gas Piston -- new in USGI wrap  
Hammer Pin  
Hammer Spring  
Hammer Spring Housing -- used  
Hammer Spring Housing -- new in USGI wrap  
Hammer Spring Plunger  
Handguard, Fiberglass with Retaining Clip, Used  
Handguard, Hi-Temp Plastic, NEW without Retaining Clip, Brown Color (New Manufacture)  
Handguard, Walnut with Retaining Clip (requires fitting)  
Handguard Retaining Clip  
Magazine Catch  
Magazine Catch Pin  
Magazine Catch Spring  
Operating Rod -- YES, We have them.  
Operating Rod Guide  
Operating Rod Guide Pin  
Operating Rod Spring  
Operating Rod Spring Guide  
Rear Sight Aperture  
Rear Sight Base  
Rear Sight Cover  
Rear Sight Elevation Knob and Spindle  
Rear Sight Windage Knob  
Rear Sight, Complete Set, 5 Pieces  
Rear Sling Swivel  
Safety Spring  
Sear Release, Full Auto  
Selector, Full Auto  
Selector Pin, Full Auto  
Selector Shaft, Full Auto  
Selector Shaft Lock, Full Auto  
Selector Spring, Full Auto  
Spindle Valve  
Spindle Valve Pin  
Spindle Valve Spring  
Stock, Walnut, NEW without Hardware/No Selector Cut/Std. To Med. Weight  
Stock, USGI Wood, used without Buttplate Assembly (includes stock ferrule, stock liner/nuts and front sling swivel), Sold as is no exchange or refund.  
Stock Liner with Screws  
Trigger Group, Complete  
Trigger Guard  
Trigger Housing Assembly  
Trigger Pin  
Trigger and Sear Assembly  
M14 Accessories
Bayonet M6 Original, USGI. NEW IN BOX  
Bayonet M6 Original, USGI. Excel. Condition  
Bayonet Scabbard M8A1, Excel. Condition  
Blank Firing Adaptor w/Shield USGI, NEW in the Wrapper  
Brush, Sand (Great for dusting sand & dust off firearms)  
Chamber Cleaning Brush, .308  
Cleaning Rod Section  
Cleaning Rod Tip  
Combination Tool  
Grenade Launcher Sight w/Pouch, NEW USGI  
Magazine, 20 Rd., Reparkerized USGI*
Magazine, 20 Rd., Original Finish (Worn)USGI*

*NOTE: Magazine restrictions for the following states:
CA:  We cannot ship magazines over 10 rounds to California.
MD:  We cannot ship magazines over 20 rounds to Maryland.
MA:  Massachusetts residents-must provide a copy of pistol permit or FID card for purchase of magazines over 10 rounds.
NJ:   We cannot ship magazines over 10 rounds to New Jersey.

Magazine Charger  
Manual, M14 Technical Manual TM9-1005-223-10 (112pp) 
Oiler, Plastic, Small 
Sling, Webb USGI, Used  
Scope Mount Dove Tail  
cope Mount Dove Tail Allen Head Screw (5/32) 
Scope Mount Camming Insert  
Scope Mount Set Allen Head Screw (1/8) 
Scope Mount Holding Allen Head Screw (3/32) 
cope Mount Thumb Screw (12/32)  
M14 National Match Parts
Bushing for Front Lug with Bolt (For Armscorp Receivers)  
Bushing for Rear Lug with Bolt (For Armscorp Receivers)  
Front Sight (.062), NM  
Gas Cylinder w/Front Band, NM  
Gas Cylinder Shim Set  
Op Rod Guide, Medium or Heavy Barrel, NM  
Rear Sight Aperture .520 or .595, NM  
Rear Sight Base, NM  
Rear Sight Windage Knob, NM