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Odds and Ends
Beretta 92F Extractor  
Beretta 92F Firing Pin  
Beretta 92F Firing Pin Top  
Beretta 92F Main Spring  
.50 Cal. Barrel Cover, #6591031 MRT, dated 10/83, USGI NEW  
Grenade Vest Pouch, New GI Dated May 1918  
M16/AR-15 Bayonet with Scabbard  
M16/AR-15 22LR Headspace gauge, USGI NEW  
M60 Rear Sight Assembly, E3, NEW  
Wrench M-6  
Sand Brush (Great to dust sand and dust off firearms). A great little item to have.  
Spare Parts Roll, M-13 Dated 1944 (DWG No. D-7349 Code No. M8-01-00900 procured for miscellaneous spare parts), USGI NEW  
Spare Parts Roll, M-13 (Not dated), USGI NEW  
Springfield 1903 Handguard, NEW