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M1 Garand Parts

Rifle Protector Set:  Front Sight, Rear Sight, Empty Chamber Indicator, Op Rod Handle. Available in white only.  
Bolt, Stripped  
Bullet Guide  
Butt Plate Assembly  
Butt Plate, Lower Screw  
Butt Plate, Upper Screw  
Clip Latch  
Clip Latch Pin  
Clip Latch Spring  
Ejector Spring and Plunger  
Extractor Spring and Plunger  
Firing Pin  
Follower Arm  
Follower Arm Pin  
Follower Rod  
Follower Slide  
Follower w/Slide Assembly  
Front Sight  
Front Sight Screw, Gas Seal  
Front Sight Screw, New Style  
Gas Cylinder Lock  
Hammer, SA  
Hammer, Various Markings  
Hammer Pin  
Hammer Spring  
Hammer Spring Housing -- used  
Hammer Spring Housing -- new in USGI wrap  
Hammer Spring Plunger  
Hammer Spring Plunger w/Wings  
Handguard Ferrule, Front  
Handguard Spacer, Front  
Handguard, Front (Walnut), New Production  
Handguard, Rear (Walnut), M1D, New Production  
Handguard Rear Retaining Clip  
Lower Band  
Lower Band Pin  
Operating Rod  
Operating Rod, NM  
Operating Rod, IHC, HRA, Uncut SA (Sorry, no WRA)  
Rear Sight Aperture  
Rear Sight Base  
Rear Sight Base, NM  
Rear Sight Cover  
Rear Sight Elevation Knob & Spindle  
Rear Sight Windage Knob  
Rear Sight Windage Knob, NM  
Rear Sight Complete  
Safety, Various Markings  
Safety Spring (Ejector Spring)  
Stacking Swivel & Screw (screw sold only with purchase of swivel)  
Sling Swivel, Front  
Sling Swivel, Rear (a.k.a. Butt Swivel)  

ROTC Stock Reserve  We have a limited supply of USGI M1 Garand and M14 Stocks reserved for ROTC units and Drill Teams. The M1 stocks are from the Korean issued Garands, so they might have some painted characters and numbers.  They may have arsenal repairs or small cracks that can easily be patched. The M14 stocks are available in both wood and fiberglass. With a good cleaning, both the Garand and the M14 stocks will look great on the parade field.

Stock Ferrule & Swivel  
Trigger Group, Complete w/Milled Guard  
Trigger Group, Complete w/Stamped Guard  
Trigger Guard, Milled  
Trigger Guard, Stamped  
Trigger Housing, SA  
Trigger Pin  
Trigger & Sear Assembly  
M1 Garand Accessories
8 Round Clip  
Bayonet, M5A1, arsenal refinished  (USGI)  
Bayonet, M5A1 w/o Scabbard (Korean Military)  
Bayonet Scabbard, M8A1, Very Good Condition  
Brush, Sand (Great for dusting sand & dust off firearms)  
Cleaning Kit w/T10 Handle for Butt Stock, Complete  
Chamber Cleaning Brush .308  
Cleaning Rod Section  
Cleaning Rod Tip  
Grenade Launcher Sight w/Pouch USGI NEW  
M1 Garand: FIELD MAINTENANCE  Cal..30 US Rifles M1, M1C (Sniper's) and M1D (Sniper's), TM9-2023-1 (116 pp)  
M1 Garand: ORDNANCE MAINTENANCE US Rifles Cal..30 M1, M1C (Sniperís) and M1D (Snipers) TM9-1275 (104 pp)  
Oiler, Plastic, small  
Sling, Webb USGI, Used